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Dear Tracy,
The question of taking tamoxifen as a preventitive is something people argue about a lot by itself.  I would get the opinion of several doctors, if I were in your shoes.  Just generally speaking, when I was pregnant, my doctor didn't let me take anything except tylenol--no aspirin--nothing if I got a cold.  
And once I started to get morning sickness, (about 3rd month), I called and asked if I could take anything like peptobismol or anything.  They said not a chance, and it wouldn't help anyway.
Anything you take, I would imagine, goes right through the child's system when you are carrying it, and certainly does if you are breast feeding after birth.
If you decide to take the tamoxifen, there's always adoption, of course.  I had my son at 33.  I had had fibrocystic breast disease since I was 28, but the doctors were never sure if it was cancer or not.  There was nothing in the family.  It was 2 years until I needed a mastectomy and three years, when my mother suddenly developed breast cancer and died.   I will always remember getting my amniocentisis, and skipping down first Avenue in NYC, back to work at Bellevue Hospital.  I had found out that I was carrying a boy--even at 32, I knew that to have a girl and see her go through any portion of what I had already gone through by that point would have torn me apart.
Lots of Love,
Martha Cerreto
P.S.:  Regarding tamox, please get 1-2-3 opinions, before you do anything. 
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Hello, My name is tracy corrado and my mother has breast cancer, Im 29 yrs old and my doctor wants me to start taking tomaxafin. Cancer runs very high in our family, but i would still like to have another child will taking this drug hurt my chances when we do decide to have a nother baby?
Thank you for any help.