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Re: [MOL] Brace yourself MOL's Kathy's pic is going in the Album.......

Hi Kathy,
Dummy me, I got and still have the letter and didn't even read it, I was so
excited about the Picture of you.  Sorry!  I'll add the info later.  How did
you get a triple exposure?
Love ya,
In a message dated 2/23/99 10:21:39 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<< Hi, Nanc:  You can just put the information I sent with the letter, if you
 want.  If you don't still have it, my date of birth is 2-08-42 --
 occupation, Paralegal; husband Jerry, dob 12-14-49; children, Shannon, 35,
 Kimberly 30.  Diagnosed on December 9, 1997 - sclc.  Still cancer free as of
 December 17, 1998.  Next test March 17, 1999; joined MOLers in October of
 1998.  Love, Kathy  P.S.  Yes, please send it back when you have time.  For
 some reason, Jerry likes it!  LOL >>
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