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    The dictionary calls progesterone a female (not a male) steroid hormone. The manufacturer refers to tamoxifen as a nonsteroidal antiestrogen.  It is apparent that it is not chemically identical to natural progesterone.
    The manufacturer of tamoxifen (brand-name:"NOLVADEX"), Zeneca Pharmaceuticals, provides product data thereon at http://www.usa.zeneca.com/pharm/pibs/pib_nolvadex.htm , according to which, tamoxifen is indicated for high risk women only if they are at least 35 years of age. The inquirer whose letter is time-stamped 12:39 PM wrote that she is 29 years of age. 
    Interestingly, according to data provided by Zeneca on the Breast Cancer Prevention Trial, although per thousand there were 2.9 fewer cases of breast cancer among those who received tamoxifen than among those who received a placebo, there was a combined total per thousand of 2.8 more cases of endometrial cancer, blood clot in the lungs, blood clot in the veins, and stroke among those who received tamoxifen than among those who received a placebo.
    There is a good, negative article on tamoxifen at http://www.newcenturynutrition.com/NCN/ariticles/tamoxifen.html .

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Any drug to be 100% positive about it's cause and effects on the body needs to be on the market 10 year's for a full picture.  Thank you for the site, I have read this before; but appreciated you sending it.  However; when one takes male harmones, they also can take the characteristics of the male, more hair, deeper voice, gained weight.  For some reason women on tamoxifen which is a progesterone drug, have dimished sexual drive and the cervix becomes dry.  As I have said, this decision is your's to make and I know it is a hard decision.  Cancer along with other deseases are deseases of the immune system, in other words, one's bodies are not producing enough immune to fight cancer and other deseases.  An individual is able to build their immune system with no side effects through alternative treatments.  Most of us with cancer understand this and are definitely taking immune system builders.
I can only present what I have learned and in doing so I hope it helps you to make the very best decision for you.  Your friend, lillian
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It is said that a high level of the hormone estrogen is a cause of breast cancer and that the natural hormone progesterone has the opposite effect.  There is an article relevant to this by Dr. Joseph Mercola at http://www.mercola.com/issue67.htm
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Hello, My name is tracy corrado and my mother has breast cancer, Im 29 yrs old and my doctor wants me to start taking tomaxafin. Cancer runs very high in our family, but i would still like to have another child will taking this drug hurt my chances when we do decide to have a nother baby?
Thank you for any help.