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[MOL] Re: tamoxifen

Hi Tracy,
I am 38 yrs old and am taking tamoxifen after having breast cancer. I am no
expert but from what I have read, I don't think I would be too quick to
take tamoxifen if I didn't have to. There are many possible side effects
and you definitely should not get pregnant while on it. I would question
the doctor about how long he would want you to take this drug and what
happens if you subsequently develop breast cancer. Could you take it again?
There is much information available over the internet. Research as much as
you can and discuss any concerns with your doctor so that you can make an
informed decision. I wish you all the best.

At 12:33 PM 22/02/99 -0800, you wrote:
>    Hello, My name is tracy corrado and my mother has breast  cancer, Im 29
>yrs old and my doctor wants me to start taking tomaxafin. Cancer  runs very
>high in our family, but i would still like to have another child will 
>taking this drug hurt my chances when we do decide to have a nother  baby? 
> Thank you for any help.   corrado@ozline.net 

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