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Re: [MOL] brrr it's cold

Hi Pj, You poor thing,
I suppose you complain went it gets to hot too.  hehehehe.  Just you wait
untill tomorrow.  
Love ya, Nanc:-)

In a message dated 2/22/99 5:48:04 PM Eastern Standard Time,
PSerritell@AOL.COM writes:

<< Subj:	 Re: [MOL] brrr it's cold
 Date:	2/22/99 5:48:04 PM Eastern Standard Time
 From:	PSerritell@AOL.COM
 You have me giggling on the potty.
 It's never going to be the same when I gooooooooooo......
 Now it's cold and we Long Islanders aren't use to this brrrrrrrr weather.
 We are spoiled rotten.  I think the coldest day so far this year has been in
 the 20's with little wind chill.  This is cold baby and my tooties are cold.
 Now tomorrow I need to get this butt to the gym regardless of the brrrrrr
 This house must be in shock that's all I can say cause the heat is up, we
 2 heaters going and it's only 60 in the house thermometer.
 Hold it wait hold it I need to put a heater in the potty room.  My butt isn't
 gonna freeze on that seat!!!!!  How do you do it way out there in the your potty heated LOL LMAO!!!!!
 Love ya sweet delicious lady
 143 >>
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