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[MOL] No one by that name Cori!!!!!!!

Hi Cori,
Can't wait to get the pictures.  I can't find anyone in the book by that
spelling, I suppose he could have a non-listed number though.  Sorry I
couldn't help you more.
Love ya,

In a message dated 2/22/99 9:51:47 PM Eastern Standard Time,
charth@bellsouth.net writes:

 Hi Nanc:  I'll mail them to you in the morn...I don't have a scanner, and I
 been unable to save them in Jpg or whatever....a friend said she could do it,
 is out of town right now, so I'll mail...I just had some copies made
recently, and
 you can decide which you like best and post one, or two, or none...your
 You've done a great job with the album...really enjoy it. LOL  Cori.
 PS My favorite boss of all time when I lived in Argentina was from Muskegon -
 back there after his assignment down in South America.  His name was Marty
 (Manuel) Martiney - as American as they come despite the spanish name..his
 name was Dolores, a lovely redhead, and they had 3 or 4 kids...wonder if they
 still are there...would love maybe if you have a moment to check the local
 directory. I'd love to contact them - it would be fun...I was only 20 at the
 30+ years ago...He must be 70+ now.  He was soooo good looking...I think I
had a
 crush on him maybe...He was a great boss also.  C.
 > Hi Cori,
 > That's the way to go girl.  When you going to send me your picture so I can
 > get you in the Album?  I'm about caught up and need more Pictures, so get
 > it.  Send them with your e-mail if you have a sacnner, just be sure they
 > Jpg format.  Or send them to me at;
 > Nancy L. Postema
 > P.O. Box 5088
 > North Muskegon, Mi 49445
 > If you want the pictures back, say so and I'll mail them back to you.
 > hurry.
 > Lave ya,
 > Nanc
 > In a message dated 2/22/99 8:28:38 PM Eastern Standard Time,
 > charth@bellsouth.net writes:
 > << Dear Nanc:  Thanks...I think I'll stick to plain old fashioned
 > English....maybe
 >  spice it up with a few Spanish words if people get too complicated on
 > me...just
 >  as a revenge !! LOL.  Cori. >>

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