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Re: [MOL] Question for ladys night out/REPLY

Hi Frank
Welcome Back!!
All I can say to your question regarding if you paid too much for the items

I Sure wish my dad was alive when I got married in 1989
Cost is nothing as long as you are there to give them to your lovely daughter
and see her eyes as she looks at your face and cherishs her day with love.

My dad died in 1983 from heart problems.  I was only 19 when he died and I was
his only child.  He and I were inseparable...We were one person.  I loved him
so much and would have given everything to have him walk me down the
aisle....let alone a gift from him.

However, my mom was the angel ..she gave me a wedding only a Princess would
have.  She spared no expense...infact to this day at every wedding we attend
people come up to me and say they were never to a wedding such as mine.  I
will always have that memory and I truly hope your sweet daughter does.

She also signed her card to us from Mom & Dad.  My dad was there in spirit but
Frank don't worry about the cost....when you give her the gifts she will be so
happy to just have your eyes to look into........

Please send us a picture of you at the wedding.

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