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Re: [MOL] Question for ladys night out

Hi Frank:
In my humble opinion, I think the price for the cake server and knife at $ 100 is too well as the topper for $ 100...Sounds like price gouging to me because it's a special event...The two glasses, well maybe if they're really special glasses...The dress at $ 65, again depends, but maybe if it's a real pretty dress, that's OK - the first two items seem awfully high to me ...what do others think ??? Love and welcome back. Cori.

Frank Cromie wrote:

 Since I have all the queese in a row,I have a question for you regarding my daughters wedding..I bought from J C Penneys a CAKE SERVER AND THE KNIVE for $100,00 They wanted over a hundred for the cake topper.I also bought two toasting glasses  for $50.00.the wedding album cost $38.00 and the flower girl dress cost $65.00.Do you think I paid to much.Frank         
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Subject: RE: [MOL] IT'S LADIES NITE?Hi, PJ:  Ah, sweet revenge!  Your hubby is exactly the same size as mine, but Jerry is down to about 215 now.  He does have a "little tummy," too, but he's trying to get rid of it.  It's hard when you're Irish and love your beer!  LOL  Kathy

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Have you noticed that we are all ladies here.
Where are all the men, Marty, Frank, Greg

Now is a good time to tell some really good stories about men!!!!

Come on someone has to have something.....think....think....think.....

Okay I have one.  You know how recently I have been trying to lose weight
right.  Well my hubby is really tall, 6'3" and about 220 lbs...or so I
thought.  Well the other day he was making fun of me and saying how I'm not
going to the gym regularly.  Well I walked in on him in the bathroom and I
said "MERCY LORD YOU LOOK LIKE YOU ARE PREGNANT".  He just stood there and
laughed.  All these years since gaining the prego weight I finally have lost
some of my belly.  The belly he always teased me about.  Well guess what


Now the poor things excuse is "PAULA (ME) You keep making all those delicious
cookies and cakes, I just don't want them to go to waste".  BULL

You porko now I'm working my butt it's time he gets his belly in shape.

I'm laughing all the way to the gym.....

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