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[MOL] TODAY'S NEWS - Thalidomide Slows Tumor Growth

Study Shows Thalidomide Slows Tumor Growth in Multiple Myeloma

A recent report describes promising preliminary results from trials involving the treatment of multiple myeloma with Celgene Corp's Thalomid(tm) (thalidomide). Researchers at the Arkansas Cancer Research Center tested the drug in 89 multiple myeloma patients who had relapsed following treatment with other therapies. It was found that 34% of patients who received thalidomide experienced a reduction in tumor burden, with some experiencing a more than 75% reduction in tumor growth and three who responded to treatment with a nearly complete response. Authors further note that thalidomide has also been found to be effective in patients with myeloma, including those who had chromosome 13 deletion, which is usually refractory to high-dose chemotherapy and transplantation. The report was presented by Dr. Seema Singhal of the Arkansas Cancer Research Center at the 40th annual meeting of the American Society of Hematology in Miami (December 7, 1998).