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[MOL] Tamoxifen Report /Thanks PJ

Euphoria hit last spring with the discovery that the drug tamoxifen used after
surgery to prevent the recurrence of breast cancer - could also prevent it's
occurrence in the 1st place.  In a widely heralded trial, preliminary results
showed tamoxifen reduced the incidence of invasive breast cancer by 45 percent
in high risk women, compared with those taking a placebo.  Formal trial
results releasd in September strongly confirmed these findings.  But
candidates for the treatment should consider the drug's potential benefits and
side effects.

Based on the study's results, the NCI's Dr. Leslie Ford estimates that if 1000
high risk women over the age 50 took tamxifen for 5 years the drug would
prevent 17 cases of inveasive breast cancer (out of 33 expected). But it would
also cause 12 cases of endometrial cancer and ten cases of serious blood clots
or strokes.