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/Dear Diana,

No need to appologize for venting, we all do it.  Thats what we're
here for.  To be sounding boards for everyone. I know what you 
mean about the forum being addictive.  There are trul Angeles
here on this forum, I believe that with all my heart.

Love ya,
> Dear Friends,
> This forum is addictive',once you start posting ,you can't stop.  I
> don't know alot of you very well but you are such caring and beautiful
> people When the going gets
> tough for some of us, everyone jumps in and kicks butt or gives loving
> support to the ones who needs it.  I'm in such a bad mood today,
> Rodney's  ready to kick me in the butt.  I don't  have any reason to
> feel this way but I do.  I'm not the one with
> cancer Rodney is and here I am feeling sorry for my self.  I guess I
> am having  a
> pity party for myself..  Tomorrow is another day and this too shall
> pass.  Thanks for letting me get off my chest and bear with me.
> Love to all, Diana
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