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[MOL] Kathy & PJ Address you wanted.........

Hi Kathy,
I'm not sure what we can do for PJ, maybe she is just having one of those bad
hair days, and she'll be ok tomorrow.  Of course she's been complaining about
it being so cold, maybe her thinking is a little frost bit.  At any rate, I'm
thinking she'll be OK soon, I hope  ROTFLMAO.
Love ya Nanc
Essiac Tea
Web site is;
She does take credit cards now and she is a RN Nurse.

In a message dated 2/22/99 4:17:46 PM Eastern Standard Time,
kcorrigan@chgw.com writes:

<< Hi, Nanc:  I can't play long, either.  Have tons to do.  Just started a new
 probate.  The deceased person was 109!  Can you imagine?!  Naturally, there
 wasn't a lot of money left, but there was some.  The poor thing outlived all
 her relatives, which isn't suprising.  She was a fascinating woman, though.
 Back to PJ.  That poor girl is obviously losing it.  Do you suppose there is
 anything we can do for her?  LOL  Love, Kathy
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