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Title: RE: [MOL] (no subject)

Hi, Nanc:  I can't play long, either.  Have tons to do.  Just started a new probate.  The deceased person was 109!  Can you imagine?!  Naturally, there wasn't a lot of money left, but there was some.  The poor thing outlived all her relatives, which isn't suprising.  She was a fascinating woman, though.  Back to PJ.  That poor girl is obviously losing it.  Do you suppose there is anything we can do for her?  LOL  Love, Kathy

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I'm back,
 But I can't Play long, I have to go finish. 
Love ya,
I just got PJ again. hehehehe

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<< PJ!!!!  GET OUT OF HERE!!!!  ROFLOL!  Kathy
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