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Re: [MOL] Mom has ? on nervousness/reply

Hi Lillian
Thanks for this.  I'm forwarding each one to mom as I type away.
Boy how I missed being in the swing of things.

I saw the posts on synthroid.  Mom has been taking it a long long time.  She
take '
.5 mlgrms.  If that makes sense?
I thought maybe it was her thyroid that was a problem but her primary doc said
no it's the chemo.

Anyway the back is getting better... I can't wait until Friday and the
stitches will come out....last week I had a little cyst/mole taken off my back
and he needed to do some stitches.

My sciatica has been great since I started the gym (2 weeks now) I missed most
of last week because of being busy and things.  Tomorrow at 5a.m. I will be at
the gym doing the treadmill.  I'm not aloud to do anything else until the
wound is healed up.

I'm not complaining just can't wait to get back to working out this backside

Now how is sweet and delicous lillian today?????????
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