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Re: [MOL] Carla/PJ

No lie.. I do have you in my address book.. Now how else could I have sent you all that good stuff about your new business venture...  :-)
Please don't cry for me my friend.. I will be with you each day by doing my blessing and inspirational postings and will also do updates periodically...  I just won't know what you are saying unless you email to me!!  :-)  So you better have my email..  saved!! 
PJ, you keep in touch.. you hear...  I was so proud of you and the way that you reached out to Patrick and Nisi... One of those blessings that will always stay with me..  You know that good things come to those who give of themselves and  I just know that good things will be there for you... Now don't forget to keep me updated on that business you are starting.. I am working to get one going too, so we will have to compare notes!!
I love you PJ..  Be true to yourself and keep to the belief that you carry and share so well in giving to others... In this is your blessing... :-)  Carla
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Date: Sunday, February 21, 1999 8:02 PM
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>Dearest Carla
>As I thought I was thru with my eyes filling with tears for the day, here I
>pop onto your email saying you will sign off today.
>Now I need more tissues.....boohoo.
>Well you sweet thing, I'm hoping you already have me in your address list and
>if not you had better lie and say you do and copy my address into your
>listing.  Make sure you cross your fingers so no bad luck follows you from the
>If you ever feel like writing please do so I would love to hear how you are
>Just make sure you pop in every once in a while with a smile from that
>beautiful young face of yours.
>Make sure you take good care of you.  Remember without good health we have
>So take care of you.
>Love you always
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