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Murphy's Law #1 When sending a private E-mail message, you will accidentally
broadcast it to the entire network.

Murphy's Law #2 The relative who gives you an ugly gift will pop in repeatedly
to see if it's being displayed with pride

Murphy's Law #3 At a big bucks sporting event, your view will be blocked by
someone too big to mess with.

Murphy's Law#4 The new doctor you found to help you live a healthy life style
will be wheeled out by paramedics just before your appointment.

Murphy's Law#5 Never badmouth a make of car until you're postive no one in the
group owns one!!!!

Murphy's Law#6 After crying your eyes out at your dearly departed friends
service, you'll discover you're in the wrong chapel.

Murphy's Law#7 The year you buy your luxury speedboat is the year of the worst
drought in 100 years!

Murphy's Law#8 Only after you've screwed up all the plumbing and electrical
systems in your house, will you then call a professional repairman!!!!!!

Murphy's Law#9 If you have two cars, they will always be in the shop at the
same time.

Murphy's Law#10 Taking your last quarter, the vending machine will first
dispense the ice, then the beverage, then the cup.

Murphy's Law#11 When you are introduced to the girl of your dreams, you will
have just finished a garlic and onion sandwish!

Murphy's Law #12 Any time you have the urgent need to rush to the restroom
---it will be closed for cleaning!!!
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