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Re: [MOL] Short timer.../Kathy

Just when I thought you and I were friends!  You come along and tell me to be good!!  What fun are you!! ??  LOL!!  I was just planning to go out there and let loose without all you molers knowing!!  ROTFLOL!!  :-)
I'm only an email away my friend and as fast as you are on the old keyboard, I truly expect to hear from you!!  I am about to be the bravest and strongest that I have ever been for me...  To follow a path that you know not what it holds and to do so without the loving support of all of my friends is very frightening, but you know.. I know that you are rooting me on in your heart.. keeping me in your prayers and I also know that this is a road that I have to travel...
So Toto and I are heading out on the yellow brick road again and when I stop feeling the pain of the bon voyage.. I know that it will be a very important life lesson for me...  Just like Dorothy...  I  will land back in Nebraska.. for there is no place like home.. especially when you have strengthened yourself to get there...  God Bless you and much love Kathy..   Carla
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Date: Sunday, February 21, 1999 10:57 AM
Subject: Re: [MOL] Short timer...

Dear Carla:  You know, of course, how much we will all miss you, and you know, too, that any time you decide to come back to us you'll be welcome with open Emails!!!!  I'm rooting for you.  Everything is going to work out, you know.  I will write to you, as I'm sure many others will.  Be brave, be strong, and be good!  Love, Kathy
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Date: Saturday, February 20, 1999 9:33 PM
Subject: [MOL] Short timer...

My dear friends.. I find that it is going to be so hard for me to sign off of mol tomorrow night... I have been weaning myself away from posting and still it is going to be hard...  I know that this is necessary for me for awhile, yet that doesn't make it a whole lot easier...
I have written to several of you to explain that I will be signing off.. I have been on here since December of 1997...  Long time... :-)  Many Blessings...:-)  Much love... :-)
Yet, I now must do some things outside of this house and take some steps to either open or shut down the store.. Only an idiot would pay all of the overhead, including telephone for 18 months while they are not there..   :-)
I also need to do some things around the house and I am very interested in learning to sell on ebay...  I even have some additional ideas about business..  The problem for me is that I will spend most my time here with my friends and not get up, off my butt and out into that world...  :-)   So it is time... 
I will no doubt, have one of those heart wrenching goodbyes tomorrow, but wanted to start the process now .. to be sure that I am committed..  I will continue to send Irish Blessings and Inspirations, etc..  It is just that I won't be signed on to mol to see them post.. like Jo with her thoughts...  you will have to email me directly....
You all are the best of the best!  I will still enjoy tomorrow and will probably be a babbler for the day...  Know that you will always have a prayer and a hug from me coming your way... Lots of love, Carla