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Re: [MOL] Questions

Oh, sweetie, I feel so bad -- I think there has been a terrible
misunderstanding, and this flawed medium is partly responsible!

At the risk of causing greater confusion, I don't think anyone meant to
be critical in any way.  I think one of the great things about this
forum is we all believe so strongly in each other's right to make
choices. Please don't feel that being grateful for not needing a med
means anyone's against it, any more than we're against surgeries we have
to have. We do what we have to do, as you said. And i think we are all
grateful for any of these miracles of science that can help us lead
"normal" lives or something close (Of course I don't claim to ever have
been "normal," but that's another story--it'll take more than meds for
that, he-he) I am just so glad there are meds available that are
actually helping people. Thank God!!

Love you, Martha!! your friend, Joicy
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