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Re: [MOL] Questions/The true Beauty of This Forum

I believe that the beauty of our forum is that we are permitted to have
varying opinions and that each and every one of us has something to give to
someone else.  And somehow we all mesh togeather as a family unit. Each day
it can be a different moler that we take heed and listen to what they are
saying, or laugh at another molers joke; etc. We all come with our own
baggage; but if we are able to let go of those heavy suitcases we give
ourselves the opportunity to grow in many many ways.  I have had the great
opportunity to see these different growths.  Mary is one, right pal?  She
was so timid when she first came on, so afraid and now she has gotton
stronger and is ready to do battle by standing up for herself.  Me, who
skuffed at alternative meds. three year's ago is now taking a harder look.
Nanc, who just bubbles and bubbles as she basks in her joy that her honey is
doing well and she has a place to be herself.
The list goes on and on; but I believe the point I am making is that we are
all here for each other, we are one, just in different packaging.  Love you
molers, lillian

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