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Re: [MOL]MOLers spells Love to Me

Hi Sandy,
You are soooooooooooooooooooooo sweet, and I love you sooooooooooooooooooo
much.  You take care of youself now.
Love ya,.
Mom, (Nanc) :-)

In a message dated 2/21/99 12:21:38 AM Eastern Standard Time,
SandizHere@AOL.COM writes:

<< From:	SandizHere@AOL.COM
 Thanks for all the love and prayers to you all.  I went to the church tonight
 and practiced singing.  In a funny sort of way it comforted me some.  I
 I sang and I prayed.  So sad for my uncle but also so glad he went very
 rapidly.  Just six weeks.  Thank God for no long drawn out pain.  We have a
 merciful God, in this we can be thankful.  It is for myself that I weep.
 Uncle Paul was so special.  Always handicapped his whole life outside but so
 pure and sweet inside.  Not a thing he wouldn't do foe any person on this
 earth.  I will dearly miss him.  My Cody has cried so much.  He was very
 to Uncle Paul.  My oldest son is very quite.  He is hurting deep, but he is
 the type that holds things in.  Not real mushy like dear old mother here. 
 I want you all to know that life has been easier having you to turn to.  Even
 though I have passed through the cancer stage of my life right now and so
 my loved ones, I do not choose to sign off as I love you all too much.  I do
 not want to let go.  I pray that I can give back to this forum as much as I
 have taken.  I pray that the Lord will use me in a way he sees necessary. 
 Please remeber my mother in your prayers.  She is very tired and we are so
 worried for her.  My brother said a while ago on the phone she collasped
 tonight under the pressure.  Uncle Paul died in her arms.  He was her baby
 so many years.  My mother is 70 and she suffers from Lupus.  I need her for
 many more years to come. Gosh here I go again.
 Greg, I pray for your health and you keep up that strong will guy.  You are
 such a BIG part of this forum.  I check everyday to see how you are even
 though I do not always tell you.  Mary, I pray every night for your family
 that things go smoother for you.  Added turmoil is not what you need right
 now.  Nanc, I can not say enough words to tell you how special you are to Mom....PJ, your love is overpouring all over this forum and I will
 meet you one day.
 Lillian, we are too close in distance not to meet face to face and you too
 I will get better health wise and look out Molers...I'm coming to see you
 Sandi >>
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