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Re: [MOL] My Dad & Stepmom - update

Thanks Chris,
Now quit giving yourself so many compliments.  Remember you are one of the
Got ya,
Love ya,
Nanc :-)

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<< Subj:	 [MOL] My Dad & Stepmom - update
 Date:	2/20/99 10:58:17 PM Eastern Standard Time
 From:	CCR0417@AOL.COM
 I've done all my complaining and worrying here, and yet I've forgotten to
 you the latest.
 I asked my stepmother today what's the reason my Dad's mood seems so much
 improved this week.  She said he's taking the anti-depressant!
 Our friend, Sandy was at the onc for shots today too at the same time we
 but she is very depressed and having trouble breathing, very congested-
 sounding, scratchy, rattly.  She said she is so weak, but she LOOKS
 much better than she feels.  The cancer has spread viciously throughout her
 body, to the brain now, so she gets 7 hr chemos!  To my great surprise, my
 father smiled and said, "Oh, Sandy, that will come and go.  Last week I could
 barely walk without leaning on something and this week I feel good!"
 But also I feel bad to share my happiness just now because I feel so much
 sadness too.  Several losses in this group recently breaks my heart as I have
 "adopted" this family as my own in many ways.  Whether you know it or not, in
 my heart you are all like brothers and sisters to me, and I care very much
 about you.  Every prayer I pray includes your spirits too.  You are the most
 loving, kindest people anywhere.
 Love & prayers,

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