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Re: [MOL] Hi Everyone.....Nisi how is Patrick

   Don't worry about the messages, just take care of yourself for the next few
days.  Then.....we'll start hounding you! LOL.  Patrick's treatments finally
started on Thursday.  So he's had two so far and seems to be doing well.  He's
drinking the Ensure Light just like he promised and eating meals.  His color
is even better than it was when we saw you and he has started taking walks (I
think the boys have something to do with that).  I have to leave tomorrow and
I'm crying already.  He doesn't want me to go, but of course, understands why
I must.  This next six or seven weeks are going to be hard on all of us, but
especially Patrick.  When I get home, I'll check to see when I can come back,
first thing.  We get the results of his CA19-9 next week, that should give us
some idea of how the P32 worked.   Take care of yourself, Love,   Nisi     
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