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Re: [MOL] Chemical Plant Explosion

Chris, I am watching the news report on this explosion as I write this
(Philly channel) -- looks and sounds like it was just awful, and did
damage for miles around. I guess it occurred when 2 volatile chemicals
were mixed, when they were mixing a cleaner for computer chips. They are
saying that there is no environmental threat, but it would sure make me
nervous, too. Scary stuff; please take care, ok? Love, Joicy

CCR0417@AOL.COM wrote:
> I'm writing to alot of people, some in my area of the country  (E. PA.) and
> others who aren't.
> Last night about 8:15 PM, about 1/2 mile from my house, a chemical plant
> exploded!  It was near the airport so we thought the blast came from a plane
> crash.  We learned now that 5 men from this area were killed.
> It shook our house as we live so close to it, but no noticeable damage.  Our
> real concern is the cloud of chemical smoke sailing overhead toward south
> Allentown!  The news STILL has not identified what these chemicals are and
> last night about 2 hours AFTER it happened, the local news said only to stay
> indoors and keep windows closed!  Last night our eyes and throats burned, and
> this morning I have a migrane.
> Just to let you know life here isn't boring all the time!
> Chris R.
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