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[MOL] colon cancer - from TJ

Hello, I am looking for information pertaining to colon cancer.  My mom has
colon cancer that has metestasized to the liver.  She was 48 when she was
diagnosed, and that was 1-and-a half years ago.  She is now 50, and has been
on CPT-11 and 5F-U.  She is now getting chemo injected straight into her
liver with a bag she wears for 2 weeks on, then has it removed for a break.
She has a lot of small tumors in her liver, and had colon surgery in the
beginning of her diagnosis.  The doctors told her she had between 6 months
and a year, and that was about a year and a half ago, like I said.  She has
been taking a lot of herbs, drinking teas, and watching her diet as well.  I
am extremely worried.  The last cat-scan showed her blood level of cancer is
up to 280, but then it showed that the tumors had gone down a little.  They
also discovered a spot on her lung, but we don't yet know if it is cancerous
because it is too small and insignificant to tell.  I am looking for any
help anyone can give me.  I have read many books, and am searching for
something different we have not yet tried.  - TJ

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