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Re: [MOL]Thank You from Sandi

Dear Molers-
It is Sandi again with sad news.  I am hear to let you know that Uncle Paul
passed on this morning at 4.  I am preparing to go back to Georgia for the
funeral, onlt this one I have to completely put together and sing at.  I am a
basket case right now to say the least.

Thank you all for so much support.  I have needed it.  I will not sign off
because I need you all as my friends and hope that I can in the future do
something to help someone else out.  I love you all. 

My bleeding problem was a 6 inch ulcer in my colon and I also have some type
if infection.  The docotr toke a biopsy and will let me know tuesday if it is
something virual that is healing or if it is something chronic as he suspests
crhons disease.  Will let you all know.  I am still a little weak but know
that God will help me thru this all along with all your prayers. 

I love you all. 

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