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[MOL] Kathy!!!! Where is our Greg???????? - reply from Shona

Hi Kathy, 
You know you can give Greg Hugs juat as easy as Shona, she is in Canada, Greg
is in PA.  Whe I first replyed to Shona I thought that she was at Greg's
house, their e-mail address's are different but seem to look alike to cause
confusion for some of us slow people.  Got ya again. LOL.  I just thought you
might like to know that.
Love ya,
Nanc :-)

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 Good morning, Shona:  Give Greg a hug for me, okay?  But wait until he wakes
 up!  Love, Kathy
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 >Hi Nanc,
 >I just looked at the album, you have done a great job!  I love your baby :)
 >he looks so cute!   Greg was at the hospital the last two days getting some
 >tests etc but is going home today, just thought I would let you know.  I
 >he is going to sleep the day away today :)  You know how hospitals are,
 >get any sleep!!  I will make sure to tell him that you sent your love, ok?
 >Take care, love Shona
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 >>Hi Greg,
 >>I haven't seen you post for a couple of days, what's going on with you?
 >>in touch, I have been double duty on prayers for you.  Maybe you started
 >>treatment and are sick again, I sure hope your hanging in there fighting
 >>Remember I am always here for you.
 >>Love ya bunches,
 >>Nanc :-)

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