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Dear Cori:  Thanks for the information.  That does clear up a lot of confusion.  However, I, too, received the injectable type vaccine prior to the sugar cubes.  I can remember them being referred to as the "polio shots."  I think my husband, Jerry, who is eight years younger than I, got the sugar cubes.  He should be okay.  Love, Kathy
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Hi there my moler friends - there are several postings today regarding the polio vaccine/cancer connection.  I am enclosing the whole article that condenses what was reported on NBC news last night..
Just a little history:
They refer quite frequently to the lining of the lung (pleura)  type cancer - that is the type I was d/x'd with...mesothelioma.. not the lung proper.  They have found many young patients such as myself who have had no known exposure to asbestos (the cause of mesothelioma in over 80% of the cases)  and are now developing cancer... at a far earlier age than is normal for mesothelioma (avg age 69. The only connection so far they have found in many of us that they have studied,  is the link to the SV 40 virus, present in the original injectable polio vaccinations...they are not referring to the sugar cube type vaccination...the injectable type preceded it..In fact my samples from my surgery were sent in to Loyola Univ and the Univ of Pennsylvania where the original studies were being conducted..before this Dr. in Houston showed up on the scene (2 years ago).....but again, let me emphasize, it does not refer to the sugar cube's the other original injectable type - which in fact many of us, myself included, did receive in the early 50's.  When I was in the Bahamas, there were 4 of us all about 50 who had no known exposure to asbestos, yet all had pleural mesothelioma, a rare and "incurable" cancer... Believe it or not, there was a couple who both had pleural meso - neither had been exposed to asbestos, but both received the vaccine...My own Dr. (Harvey Pass) at Wayne State Univ Hospital/Karmanos Cancer Center, has been actively pursuing this "tack" for a couple of fact under grants they received to study this in conjunction with Loyola, they paid for all kinds of DNA tests on my tissue samples....My own siblings all got the sugar-cube's us oldies who got the original batch.....Love. Cori.