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[MOL] kidneycancer; named Grawitz


Who knows a treatment or a medicine against the so called "Grawitz"
tumor ? 
In my case the tumor is discovered two months ago. It is already very
big, it surrounds my kidney and is mortaging it. The specialists in my
hospital assume that the Grawitz cancer has been in my belly for several
I'm a 85- years old man and I would like to go on with my -until so far-
happy life.
My doctors here in the Netherlands don't see any possibility for an
operation, treatment or medicine. 

Please help me in finding a succesfull medicine !!!!!!!!

Aart.C Hoogstad.               e-mail: 174210@student.fbk.eur.nl
Grote Riethure 27
3273 LG Westmaas
The Netherlands
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