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Dear Lillian - you give of yourself a lot on this molers site...I see you are regularly providing all kinds of valuable information to so many...But 5 immune system defficiencies...girl, you sure have more than your fair share...I've heard of Addisons and CFS, but not the other 2, Schmidts and Cushings...what are they ? Do you take massive doses of immune boosting supplements etc?? Are you able to work and function "normally"? You sure seem to have a lot of energy for a person with CFS.. Amazing..Love. Cori.

firefly wrote:

 Cori:  I could really relate to what you were saying about letting the anger go, healing and then doing for others.  I too had the same vacine (mandotory) right here in the U.S.  I had wanted to take my doctor to court; but did not.  I also sat in abesto; but was never a Kent smoker!  So I just may have a chance;  but the fact of the matter is I am already a2 time cancer survivor, with presently having Addisons, Schmidts, Cushings and CFS; (that's 5 immune disorders); so what would a 6th be?  LOL!  Life is too short, we must enjoy while we can and giving to other's is sheer pleasure in my book.  Your friend, lillian
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Thanks for your email...yes, I'm sure the Govt is sweating it...and the asbestos industry is probably celebrating the news...there are millions and millions of $$ set aside for class action suits against asbestos manufacturers for mesothelioma they're talking about Govt issued polio vaccines...I remember when there was a polio epidemic back in the mid-50's and schools (in Argentina) were closed for several was then obligatory to receive that vaccine in order to return to school when classes started up again....and due to the scarcity of the vaccine, they were only issued to school age children at the time - myself included - by US Govt--via Unicef or United Nations or something - I can't recall.. Bottom line, is my siblings, who were not yet in school received a later version - the sugar cube Salk vaccine...but nonetheless there were millions of us who received that first generation vaccine...I have no known exposure to asbestos, and I personally know of at least 6 others, all in my age range, all of whom received the first genration vaccine, who today are dealing with mesothelioma - a very rare cancer - and a very deadly is scary stuff...By the same token, if they do discover that the vaccine is the root cause of this cancer, maybe they can come up with a vaccine to give us to offset the same token, with the politics involved, who knows ???The more I read, the more I wonder...All I know that 2 years ago they ran all kinds of DNA tests etc on my tumor samples, looking for a connection to the SV 40 virus....
To be honest though, despite being urged by many people to pursue either legal action against asbestos manufacturers, (including Lorillard who had asbestos in their famous micronite filters in their Kent cigs - which I smoked for many years unfortunately), or against doctors who mis-diagnosed me 2 years before finally being d/x'd correctly, I have chosen to expend my energy in healing and helping others through this cancering journey..Life is just too precious to me right now.  Love. Cori.

firefly wrote:

 Glad to hear you are all right.  Thanks so much for the articles regarding the polio vac., goodness, that is scary and I sure bet the government is sweating it!  Your friend, lillian