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[MOL] Chemical Plant Explosion

I'm writing to alot of people, some in my area of the country  (E. PA.) and
others who aren't.

Last night about 8:15 PM, about 1/2 mile from my house, a chemical plant
exploded!  It was near the airport so we thought the blast came from a plane
crash.  We learned now that 5 men from this area were killed.

It shook our house as we live so close to it, but no noticeable damage.  Our
real concern is the cloud of chemical smoke sailing overhead toward south
Allentown!  The news STILL has not identified what these chemicals are and
last night about 2 hours AFTER it happened, the local news said only to stay
indoors and keep windows closed!  Last night our eyes and throats burned, and
this morning I have a migrane.

Just to let you know life here isn't boring all the time!

Chris R.
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