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RE: [MOL] I Love You THIS MUCH x - from Joicy

Title: RE: [MOL] I Love You THIS MUCH x - from Joicy

Hi, Joicy:  No wonder he's such a good cook!  I would suggest, however, that he learn Spanish.  I can't help much.  All I know how to say is beer, and where is the lady's room!!  I used to ask where the restroom was, and the waiters always sent me to the men's room.  One time I went in there and there stood a man with a chicken.  I learned how to say lady's room immediately thereafter!  Love, Kathy

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Dear Kathy, That's soooo funny! Actually, Tim is food service director
at Drew U., and today was his first day back at work. Needless to say,
he was getting a lot of wisecracks! Some of his kitchen workers were
talking about him in Spanish and laughing -- he said they were either
saying he should get IN the kitchen and practice, or stay OUT of the
kitchen forever! LOL! Love, Joicy wrote:
> Dear Joicy:  Loved your picture, by the way.  Be sure to tell Tim that
> he's absolutely FORBIDDEN to ever work in one of those Japanese
> hibachi restaurants!!  Can you just imagine the flying digits?!! 
> Love, Kathy
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