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Re: [MOL] Very Sad news..

Thank you for letting us know, I cannot say more on this. Dear God, when
does it end? I am taking this one hard too.
The tears just won't stop falling.
I love you all.

> Carla wrote:
> Our friend Les Dow passed away this morning.  Friday, he didn't feel
> like eating anymore and by Saturday night they had trouble getting his
> medicine down..  Yesterday, the came and took him to hospice where he
> held on until his family was around him and took a gasp and passed
> over..
> Please lift up the spirit of Les.. a loving man with a great sense of
> humor and one who so enjoyed the mischievious times of making us
> question and then laugh..
> I will forever remember talking to Les when Ron passed over... Les
> took it as hard as I did and it was a couple of days later when he
> told me that he had found a peace with it..  That he was outside in
> the park trying to deal with his feelings over Ron's death and an
> eagle passed overhead..  It was then that Les knew that the spirit of
> Ron would live on inside us and that spirits never die...
> Oh God, I know that this is true, yet my heart is bleeding with the
> pain of saying goodbye...  Les is being cremated and there will be a
> memorial on Friday.  Peg said that the ashes will not be there..
> Please lift Les's wonderful family up in prayer, that God will comfort
> their hearts and bring the peace of Les's spirit upon them..  The
> service will be Friday at 1:00...
> Forgive me, as I cannot quit crying right now and I must  sign off..
> Please know that I love you all and May God be with all of us...
> .Carla

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