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Re: [MOL] Nanc

Nanc, so you'll get your car on May 3rd? that's my birthday, and now I
have something extra to celebrate! Love, joicy

> Hi Carla,
> I Talked to Rich Kuchinsky a few minutes ago, and he said he kept a lot of
> stuff from Ron, he is going to send it to me.  Do you know anyone that might
> have a picture of Ron.  I think I want to start a memorial page for those that
> have crossed over.  Let me know who might have a picture of him.  Did you look
> at Joicy's pictures.  Where are the ladies you first sent in for you and Lil,
> LOL, I want em'  I just love Joicy's Bear.  Shona and I had so much fun
> working on the Album today.  God Bless you.
> Love ya,
> Nanc :-)
> Want to hear something Les told me, the last time we talked, I told him we had
> turned in the Van, and that we were looking for a car that we could get soon
> while Don was still feeling good, so I could take him back down there and to
> Texas to spend some time with his Brother who also has cancer.  Les said,
> you'll get just what you need and you whave to look, it'll come to you.  The
> evening that he died, after you called me, my sister called and said they
> would sell their car for $3500.00, they are in Florida with it and will be
> coming home the end of April, and guess what the 3 of May is when we knew we
> would have $3500.00 saved up for a car.
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