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[MOL] colon cancer radiation complications

A friend at my church recently survived radiation, surgery and chemo for
colon cancer. She now has a rectovaginal fistula which her general surgeon
tells her can only be taken care of with a colostomy, probably total
hysterectomy and perhaps some urinary tract involvement. She definitely
wants a second opinion. We live in the Albany NY area (about 3 hrs. north
of New York city and 3 hours west of Boston).
I''ve been on the net for a few hours tonight trying to find info for her
and came upon this site.
I'm interested in anything anyone can offer on:
incidence of this as a complication 
treatment options
locations of the most up-to-date healthcare centers providing the best care
name(s) of the best MDs to see in the northeast for a 2nd opinion
anything else anyone experiencing this kind of complication (or who knows
anyone) can offer that would be of help
Barbara W
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