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Carla:  You do sound better today -- so glad!  That's the spirit!  Take care of yourself and other things have a way of falling into place.  I don't know why that is, but it seems to work out that way.  Wonderful news about your chest x-ray!  Plan to keep it that way -- okay?  Carla -- I have seen your picture, remember?  You weren't left behind any door, girl!  Who needs a swimming suit, anyway?  I'm not suggesting you swim in the nude -- just don't swim!!!  I swim like a rock, and I haven't had a swim suit on for about three years.  I don't miss it at all.  Now, shorts I would miss, but fortunately, I have no butt and I have bird legs.  I don't look great, but I've never really frightened anyone!  If you can swing it, the shop would be a wonderful thing for you -- something you can do better than anyone else.  Let me know what sort of things you're putting together.  I love that sort of thing!  Keep rollin' -- Love, Kathy 
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Yes Kathy, I am faring better today...  I am catching up on alot of things that just plainly needed doing and there are plenty more to go....  So where am I???  Here, flapping my jaw!! :-)  LOL!!
I have decided to make it a resolution of sorts to just plain get everything fixed that is broken.. Today was to have been my appointment with my periodontist and he had a family emergency and had to cance..  Egads.. this put me out a full month.. so I am hoping that I will come up on the short term cancellation and that it works before then...
My Chest x-ray came back today.. good..  So I am an official 15 month cancering surivior... Praise God...
I am still waiting for the cancellation list for a dermatologist for a brown spot on my nose and some moles...  So the last part of my routine health to take care of is my stomach...  I believe that many things have had alot of fun with my stomach and Prevacid has been helping, but I am burning alot now.. so I also want that checked..
Then I am done with that sort of going over... Now.. if I were smart.. I would be heading to DC to my friend the Plastic Surgeon and going on from there!!  LOL!  But, I am silly and think that people should just love me with all my flaws..  I am but my heart and soul and that is all I can be...  It would be nice to have beauty with that.. but, alas.. I was left behind the door on many things..
I will never wear a swimsuit again!!!  Now, what am I going to do about showers??  ROTFLOL!!
Well, I am off for another delightful tofu dinner with vegetables and then I need to put together an order for Botanical supplies for soap and other projects.. I am going to work with some other ladies for the Log Cabin Herb group to make some items for sale for the County Perennial Show on March 10th...  Got to get rolling...
I also must make the store decision next week, so I need to do somemore paper planning and see if the creative side is stronger than the financial fear!   :-)
Hope that you are doing well my friend... I send you many hugs, much love and a whole lot of soul!!  God Bless you.. Carla
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Carla, dear:  How are you?  Are you faring better today?  Love, Kathy
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Your Irish Blessing:

                        May you live long,
                                 Die happy,
                                 And rate a mansion in heaven.