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RE: [MOL] Re: Marty, soy & genisoy.. Ladies!

Title: RE: [MOL] Re: Marty, soy & genisoy.. Ladies!

Me, too, Marty!  I love avocadoes.  Don't tell Donna and me that they're bad for us!!  LOL  Love, Kathy6

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I'm glad you believe in good fat too!! I have always felt that nuts, etc...are
the good kind.  Ice cream, cake, etc...the bad.  I just had a thought.
"Fat...the good, bad and the ugly." LOL! What are your feelings about
avacados?  They are loaded with fat but I just love them.  I seem to think
this is good fat.  I like them on a pita with other vegis.  Take care. donna
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