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[MOL] Pray for our Sandi.......open PJ.

Hi everyone,
I just was talking to our Sandi, she was on her way to the hospital to have
tests.  She started bleeding from the rectom at Crickets funeral and has
since, she should be in surgery right now as I write this to you.  She asked
me if I would post to the forum.  She will be staying overnight.  Either her
hubby will call tonight or tomorrow, to let me know what they found and how
Sandi is doing.  She and Cricket had their first battle of breast cancer at
the same time.  We want to pray that it is not the return of cancer.  PJ, she
wanted you to be notified for sure, so I'll forward this to your address to
make sure you get it.  Thank you all who signed the guest book.  We do have a
MOL Album to be proud of.  
Love you all,
Nanc :-)
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