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Re: [MOL] leiomyosarcoma -- Please Help?

Dear Karrie ,
  Your Mom is very lucky to have someone to help her with emotional support
and thinking through her treatment options .The MOL is great place for info
and support .
      Your concern regarding the wait for consultation is  understandable . If
you wish to ,you can use this time to assemble information for questions for
the oncologist .
1-800-422-6237 is a great place to start .They also have an internet address
where you can access supportive care and treatment fact sheets . From the
description ,I could not without risk of misinforming you ,direct you to the
correct web page . It would seem to be Adult soft tissue sarcoma or small
intestine cancer , leiomyosarcoma. The people at the number above could direct
you to correct page.The index page is located at 
Http://  . 
The supportive care and other resources can be accessed at
   When faced with these situations many people wish to receive a second
regarding diagnosis and treatment options . If you wish to do so, some places
which offer these services are 
University of Az
1501 N Campbell Ave
Tucson , Az 85724
Loyola University
2160 S. 1st Ave ,Bldg. 112
Maywood , IL  60153
708-327-3500, 603-can-help
John Hopkins
600 N Wolfe St
Baltimore , MD 21205
to name just a few . If none of these are convenient or we can be of help
please e-mail Take care 
Joseph Cane

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