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[MOL] My letter to Peg, I wanted to share with my MOL friends.......

In a message dated 2/18/99 8:28:42 AM Eastern Standard Time, NLPOST writes:

<< Subj:	Re: [MOL] FOR OUR LES !
 Date:	2/18/99 8:28:42 AM Eastern Standard Time
 To:	Lesnpeg
 Hi Peg,
 God Bless you sweetie, I feel the loss of your Les too, he was so special to
the MOL group, and I miss our IM's we used to talk quite often on the
Internet.  He would tell me that he was bored, cause you were gone and Lynette
would be taking a nap, so we chatted until he was tired.  I really feel funny
about asking you this.  Since Les was such a jokester on the forum, there are
some that are trying to guess what his request was to do with his ashes?  One
of the guys, Les had told that he wanted them dumped in the Marta, I don't
know if I spelled it right, anyway his car, now doesn't that just sound like
our Les?  LOL.  Would you help me put the MOL's minds at ease as to where his
remains will be?  I so hoped that I would get down there to see him, and the
rest of you at least one more time.  We may come down in June, I would like to
meet you for lunch or dinner while we are there.  You are such a neat Lady, I
really enjoyed time with all of your family.  Know that I will always be there
for you, just ask if I can help in any way.  I am so happy that I called and
talked to all of you a while back, I remember how upbeat that Les was and was
giving me support, you all sounded great that day.  The last time I called you
and Les were gone for radiation, I talked to Lynette.  It's good that you are
not alone.  Please do keep in touch, you are a special friend in my heart.  I
hope you and the family get a chance to Look at the MOL Photo Album, we have
dedicated a space for Les, I still have to find the Moose picture to put in
there.  LOL.  Also a couple of the MOL's favorite jokes that Les posted.  Les
will be missed by many, but is now a full fledged MOL Angel watching over us,
and if any of us has a bird fly over that poops on our head, we'll know where
it came from, we'll laugh and look up and say Thanks Les, I needed that.  LOL.
The world is a much better place to be in, knowing there are people like you
and your beautiful family.  Les has left his mark, we may miss him, but we'll
never forget him, right?  I truly wanted to be there tomorrow, but for now
this (((((((((((((((((((((((HUG)))))))))))))))))))))))) will have to do. Come
and see us when you can, we have a few extra beds, and we would enjoy having
you.  Hope to see you soon, take care Peg and know that we love you dear
friend.  Do keep in touch.
 Love and prayers to you and yours,
 Nanc :-)
 Below is the address to get to the MOL Album, enjoy.
P.S.  I am having my Daughter Brenda, take to Peg, 1 Yellow Rose, that the
MOL's will miss Les, and 1 Red Rose for them to know he is loved by all the
MOL angels.
Signed, The MOL Angels
 In a message dated 2/18/99 7:12:43 AM Eastern Standard Time, Lesnpeg writes:
 << Subj:	Re: [MOL] FOR OUR LES !
  Date:	2/18/99 7:12:43 AM Eastern Standard Time
  From:	Lesnpeg
  Nancy,  I got your message last night.  We were retrieving the children.
The relatives are coming in town.
  Your beautiful prayer for Les is making me cry.  He was truly the best
friend I've ever had and then a good father and husband.  I will truly miss
him.  I'm so glad he's not in pain anymore.  I do know that God is waiting for
him, I'm just being selfish and will miss him so.  Thank you for being such a
good and supportive friend.  Can't even tell you how wonderful it was to meet
with everyone last year, felt like we've known each other forever!!
  The service is tomorrow at Hodapp Funeral Home 8815 Cincinnati-Columbus Rd.
(Rt. 42) West Chester, OH 45069.  We will visit from 1-2 and the service is at
  We're going to be ok, just take time to adjust.  It helps to have so many
good friends and neighbors.  I am not as good as Les with the E-mail but hope
I can keep in contact.  
  Love Peggy >>
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