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Re: [MOL] Carla

I am so sorry for your loss of Less.  I know what you are going through at
this time, as I just endured it last week.  You know I had so many tears and
could not accept a way to let go until the day after the funeral.  Cricket
always loved the snow and when I woke up saturday morning I opened my eyes to
the most beautiful snow fall.  It instantly calmed me and I knew in my heart
that Cricket had sent this to me from heaven to give me a sign she was happy
and having a good time.  I have not shed a tear since then.

I know that in some way Les will do the same for you.  They do not want us to
grieve for them, but to rejoice for their life here.  I am coming to terms
with this in my heart.  I know you will too.  When you start to get sad,
remember something funny about them and this will make you smile.  If I can
help please let me know. 

God bless you. 
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