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Re: [MOL]Thank You from Sandi

I want to take this time to thank each and every moler that supported me
through Cricket's illness and all the wonderful letters after her loss.  The
support hear is so overwhelming at times, to realize that it really is a
loving world we live in today.  This is such a special group I share my life
with and for this I am so fortunate.

The memorial service went very nice and Aunt Grace is doing better than
expected.  She is an extra ordinary strong lady.  She was already on the phone
last night with my mother to comfort her and guide her with my uncle (whom is
not doing well at all).

I still need each and every one of you here as I am still going down this
cancer road with Uncle Paul.  I hope that along this way I can touch a few of
you like you have me.

I apologize for taking so long to post but I have not been well myself.  I go
back to the hospital in the morning for more test.  Have been passing a lot of
blood since the day of the funeral from my bowels and they do not know why.
Probably something simple, but better safe than sorry. 

Aunt Grace wanted me to tell you all that the love she saw me experience
through this forum has touched her deeper than she can explain.  She sends her
deepest gratitude for this. 

Thank you all - my special angels. 
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