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Re: [MOL] Very Sad news..

I, too, am devastated over losing Les. I felt a certain connection to him
as we were both newcomers to mol about the same. I enjoyed his humour and
wonderful posts. I felt I had come to know him and his family through mol
and those of you who had met him in person. I know that I will never forget
him. I would like to think of him as a mol angel who is now watching over
each and every one of us, perhaps pulling the odd practical joke. I don't
think Les would want us to grieve too long but to appreciate the love and
laughter  by which we are surrounded each day. 
My heart goes out to Peg and the family. I hope they are coping well and
know that he is at peace. My thoughts and prayers are with them and whoever
shares their pain. I love you Les. We will meet someday and it will be a
beautiful mol reunion.


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