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Hi Nanc
Sorry I missed you on the IM.  My hubby was using computer again.
My hands were in the salad and mixing and tossing
Nisi is so sweet and so are the kids.  Nisi is tall I think at least close to
6ft.  She and Patrick make a great couple.  Kids are tall too...3 boys really
nice kids and good looking.  It took my son a few minutes to warm up to
strangers but then he didn't stop spelling words for them.  He recognized
Patrick as soon as he saw him.  I didn't know which was Nisi because her
sister was there and I asked "WHICH ONE IS NISI".   Her sister is really sweet
and her little boy is a darling.  

I took pictures of all the gang.  Talked alot of life and cancer and life on
Long Island the crazy place of rush rush rush.
Patrick looked alot better since I saw him last.  I told Nisi he looked great
and he will be even better once he gets over the radiaiton and chemo.

I bought everyone some chocolates.  The kids got bowling pins and inside were
chocolate bowling balls..... they were Really cute.
I bought Nisi & Patrick Nisi's sister chocolate kisses.
Chocolate is great to give because it tells the person that they are sweet
and................come on.........
DELICIOUS. .....gotcha Nanc.

Anyway, I only could stay about 45 minutes to 1 hour because of the gang
coming over tonite.

I hope to sign on later. 

My niece just sent a message (IM) they are leaving and she wants  AUNT PAULA
(me) to take her shopping.  Of coarse, how can I refuse such a delicious face.

Oh Nanc Nisi gave me the picture of her and Patrick.  I'll scan it later and
see what you think.
When she sent it to me I couldn't see it well I told her I'll try to scan it
and see what happens
They are a great bunch of friends.  My hubby is upset that he didn't make it
intime to meet Nisi.  My hubby was happy to hear that Patrick looked much much
better than when he visited.

I'll write back later


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