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RE: [MOL] Jeanne and info. on Pam's dad

Hi, Pam:  I think they're probably just letting his body rest a little.  Even though he doesn't appear to have any side effects at all, they are there, and his system needs a little time to recup.  This is why he's happy about it.  He'll get a chance to feel almost normal before they sock it to him again.  It is great, though, that he's handling it all so well.  This is indicative of how strong he is.  Anyway, this is all very good news.  Off the subject:  Jerry just called.  He won't get home from work until after 11:00 tonight.  This means I have to sleep with Button!!!  Argh.  Love, Kathy
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Thanks for the boost, Kathy!  They let him off of chemotherapy for 2 weeks so he is happy about that but it makes my mom nervous.  She thought he should continue with it since it seemed to be working and was not bothering him at all!  He has been so lucky in the way his body handled all the treatments.  The only side effect has been blackened veins in his biceps!  We are proud of him!  Pam