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Re: [MOL] Jeanne and info. on Pam's dad

Hi Jeanne:  Just saw this old post (oops) and decided that I'd better
respond!  I have often thought about the home brew on the Essiac but it does
look rather time consuming!  We have burdock growing wild as a pest here on
the ranch - it never ceases to amaze me about the stuff we consider noxious
weeds actually serving a healthy purpose!  We also have rhubarb in the
garden and chicory in the fields, both of which have herbal benefits, I

Dad had another CT scan last week.  Since the "incurable" status last July
when he had spots covering his entire liver and one suspect on a lung, he
has now stabilized on 2 scans in a row.  They suspect the mass remaining in
the original colonic location is only scar tissue from the surgery.  There
is only one tiny spot on the liver and the lung spot cannot be detected now.
The doctor was very amazed that he had progressed so much from July to
December!  His willpower is impressive!

Thanks for the post!  Take care...Pam

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