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RE: [MOL] Diana!

Hi, Diana:  Lillian is right.  She usually is!!  LOL  Love, Kathy
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Well, if Kathy could but in, here am I.  An anti-depressant helps in the healing process.  By this I mean, stress (and worry, sorrow, money problems, health problems; etc. etc. are all stress) is so toxic to our systems.  Those nasty things called cancer cells love stressful folks, they flourish in that type of sludge.  This is why we feel it is helpful to eliminate anything stressful, anything toxic and the anti-depresents help in that department..... Your friend, lillian
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Dear Diana:  Forgive me for butting in, but the antidepressants are terribly important!  Please encourage Rodney to take them.  I don't think I'd have survived emotionally without them.  Even today, I still take Paxil every day.  It just keeps things "evened out," if you know what I mean.  It never did make me feel dopey -- at least no dopier than usual!  LOL  I'm sure it's bothering Rodney to lose his hair for the second time -- it was bad enough for me to lose it the first time!  My heart goes out to both of you.  Let me know if I can do anything to help.  Love, Kathy
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Thanks for the nice reply and it does help to talk to someone in the same boat.
Rodney has some antidepresants but he does"nt want to take them.  He is eating good.  He can get  around all right but he is getting weaker because he lays on the couch all the time and he is losing his hair for the second time.  I told him if that's
what bothering him he should be thankful if  thats all is happening to him  I did not say that rignt but I hope you know what I meant.
Thanks for caring