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[MOL] Very Sad news..

Our friend Les Dow passed away this morning.  Friday, he didn't feel like eating anymore and by Saturday night they had trouble getting his medicine down..  Yesterday, the came and took him to hospice where he held on until his family was around him and took a gasp and passed over..
Please lift up the spirit of Les.. a loving man with a great sense of humor and one who so enjoyed the mischievious times of making us question and then laugh..
I will forever remember talking to Les when Ron passed over... Les took it as hard as I did and it was a couple of days later when he told me that he had found a peace with it..  That he was outside in the park trying to deal with his feelings over Ron's death and an eagle passed overhead..  It was then that Les knew that the spirit of Ron would live on inside us and that spirits never die...
Oh God, I know that this is true, yet my heart is bleeding with the pain of saying goodbye...  Les is being cremated and there will be a memorial on Friday.  Peg said that the ashes will not be there..  Please lift Les's wonderful family up in prayer, that God will comfort their hearts and bring the peace of Les's spirit upon them..  The service will be Friday at 1:00...
Forgive me, as I cannot quit crying right now and I must  sign off.. Please know that I love you all and May God be with all of us... .Carla