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Re: [MOL] Hello & How are....

Hi PJ,
  By now you should know that I'm in your neck of the woods.  What a horrible
place to drive, expecially for a country girl!  Whew!  Patrick starts his
radiation treatments on Wednesday, he had a simulation done today where they
tatoo the areas they want to radiate.  We were told today that we have to
arrange for the adjunct chemotherapy.  Imagine this, two country bumpkins in
the big city, we don't know where anything is or who is anybody and WE have to
arrange his treatment.  So tommorrow morning we will do that and then we are
taking the boys bowling.  Patrick said he spoke with you, please come to the
alley so that we can finally meet.  It sounds like your really busy, so we
won't take all of your time up.  Bring the little guy and he can bowl with the
boys and my nephew.  Hope to see you there!   Love, Nisi
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