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[MOL] Urgent Need for Information Please-Parotid Adenocarcinoma

I found your address while surfing thru the web looking for information 
on Parotid Adenocarcinoma.  A very dear friend, who's around 50 years old,
just received that diagnosis after having a tumor removed that was about the
size of a hockey puck.  I'm not sure what stage the cancer is currently at.
His doctors indicated that it was quite rare, and we are looking for any and
all information regarding the best treatment...what kind, where's the very
best place to go, etc.  Travel and money are not a problem...he just wants
to get this fixed. We live in the Upstate NewYork area, between Rochester
and Syracuse.

Can you please help us?  I did find some information on the NIH web site,
and also at the University of Pennsylvania OncoLink, but we're trying to
find everything that we can, particularly a hospital or clinic where this
condition has been treated previously.  Case studies would be very helpful,
and also if you can put us in touch with someone who has 
been through this.

Our heartfelt thanks,

Alice and Ethan Irwin
(315) 483-6104

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