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Re: [MOL] Carla the Plumber!! :-)

Dear Carla,

You sound like me.  I have had to learn how to do a lot of things
on my own since Angelo has been sick.  I never realized all the
little  nitty gritty stuff he used to just take care of.  I am
learning a lot.  I'm proud of you!

> What an event!!  This morning I got up and I took my gold necklace
> into the bathroom to put on as I was ready to leave and I picked it up
> and ...down the sink it went...!!  This meant alot to me and I was
> heartsick..  Well the bathroom sink doesn't have one of those lift out
> plugs and there was nothing I could do, but leave for my doctors
> appointment...  I stressed and stewed over it and then I realized that
> not only could I, but would I take the sink apart!!
> After dinner tonight.. I went in search of a bucket, towel, flashlight
> and yes... a pipe wrench...  Oh I was feeling so very proud of me...
> and I trudged into that bathroom opened the doors and cleaned out the
> "stuff".. Once that little organizational task was complete.. I spread
> out the towel.. spotted the flashlight,  grabbed my wrench and went to
> work!
> I turned and nothing and turned and nothing and turned and turned and
> turned...  Not  one to become daunted over minor details.. I went in
> seach of another thing-a-ma-bobble that looked like it would turn...
> It was at the other side of the gooseneck..  I put that wrench on it
> and low and behold it turned...  Yes!!  I was on my way...  Once I got
> that one loose I was able to get the other one off and dumped the
> gooseneck in the bucket and there was my necklace!!  Yes!!  Ace
> Plumber and happy heart...!!
> Then I went to put the sink back together.... :-(   .....  Everything
> was kattywampus and after alot of work.. I had it back together..
> turned on the water and.. swoosh!!!  water, water and more water!!
> Once again I took it apart and started over again...  there was this
> funny little round rubber thing that I couldn't figure out where to
> put it.. I had it everywhere!! ROTFLOL!!
> So I called my friends house and spoke with her husband Bill.. He said
> he would come over, but I said.. just try to help me by phone.. I just
> know I can do this..  He said it would be hard to tell me where the
> rubber thingy (seal) went without seeing it..  Well, we gave it a
> whirl and I got it back together and no water from the gooseneck....
> !!!  Yeah....  Instead it came from the back wall.. Now I hadn't even
> gone in there!!  So Bill came over..
> Seems the sink needed to be cleaned out anyway...  Now if you have
> never had this experience.. let me tell you that we should all be
> forced to buy biodegradable soap!!  You wouldn't believe what this
> stuff looks like after it hangs out and joins up with more in the
> drain!!!  It is ugly!!!  Yuck!  Next, you should never put hair down a
> drain... it is very intersting with sludge!!
> Oh well, he also discovered that a seal was broken and the first thing
> I found was the hot glue gun.. but we routed around and found a
> sealer.. A new one would be cheap, but at 9:00.. not easy to come by
> in rural america....  It is all back together, but there is a drip
> once in a while from the gooseneck.. This means I need to go buy
> another rubber gasket and start all over again!!
> Please learn from me... Don't put your jewelry on by the sink drain...
> and wear rubber gloves if you are going to go deep sea diving in drain
> sludge!!  I look like I rebuilt an engine!!
> Well my friends.. I am over/past my bed time....  So this is your
> favorite plumber signing off!!  Love and hugs, Carla
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